The history of Volga Ceramic Pvt. Ltd., which has captured the memories in millions of its customers as a strong eyewitness to every moment of their joy and emotions bears testimony to the durability of its products. Volga Ceramics Pvt. Ltd is one of the company which began as a vision of the future and an adapting, ever-changing companion to every customer ever since and is now a pioneer for everyone to follow. Volga Ceramics manufacturing unit is established in Morbi city of Gujarat. It has production capacity of 20 million squares per annum with the producer of the highest quality of ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles. Volga Ceramic has started with a clear distinctive position, and we believe our product should be strong, durable and effectively close to the heart of customers.

With a clear and unique objective to achieve, Volga is always trying to set benchmarks and create trends in home interior design, like every growing family. Each Volga home has stories to tell which have like a dream been captured and thanks to quality, strength and life of its products.


The Indian consumers are rapidly growing appetite for style and aesthetics which inspire us behind every design of Volga Ceramics. Today Volga is become a synonym for quality, service and innovation – not only in the domestic market but in the international market too.


We believes in technology, research, design and quality, Volga has set its sight on all these factors adopting new production techniques in order to enhance the quality of the products. Due to creativity and designing ability of our team, our design comprises both innovation and exclusion.